Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath

Photo by Penelope Prior

Photo by Penelope Prior



We've all experienced the healing power of music. The songs we love feed our soul in a way nothing else seems to touch. But even without a melody to hum or lyrics to misremember or rhythm to twerk to, sound vibrations (including what we typically think of as music) push our subtle buttons. They activate energy centers in our body that we're not even aware of.

Since the dawn of humanity, ancient cultures have explored this phenomenon through music, mantras, "toning" and chanting. I'm not an expert in acoustics, and there's plenty of conflicting information out there about the ability of harmonics to unlock the very secrets of the universe. What I do know is that the 528Hz tuning is geared toward touching our heartstrings in a literal physical way, exposing our 4th (heart) chakra to this precise vibration that our body experiences as a sense of safety, self-love and creative power.

Metaphysical properties aside, the soundbath creates a fantastic atmosphere for meditation. I absolutely love playing the singing bowls, and whether I'm playing or listening I always feel a buzz in my bones. I can visualize that heart-mind connection growing as the tone wraps itself around the room, building energy and positivity. It's a moving session you can use to create calm, compassion and abundance in your life. Ommmmm ....

60 minutes, contact for group pricing