Intuition Development Classes



The courses I teach help people understand and cooperate with their life force, and the energy that surrounds us all.

Who benefits from classes?

In brief, everyone! We can all improve our relationship to energy. Often, the setting in which that work takes place influences the way I design the content of the class. All classes are custom-designed for the audience, objectives, and timeframe to make them as relevant as possible.

For example, I've led workshops, seminars and multi-week classes geared toward:

  • Corporate wellness initiatives
  • Small business neighborhood events
  • Full-day wellness retreats
  • Community education courses
  • Yoga studios and fitness centers
  • Art galleries
  • Day spas
  • Book clubs
  • Retail open houses
  • Private gatherings

Class structure

In planning the curriculum or teaching points, I scan and incorporate the energy of the group to determine appropriate themes and approaches. Workshops can unfold in different ways, including (but not limited to!): 

  • Series of 3 intensive seminars
  • Full-day summits
  • Half-day mini-retreats paired with another activity (e.g., painting workshop, gemstone meditation)
  • 12-week "semesters" (with certificates awarded for completion)

No matter which breakdown you choose, these courses let participants develop their intuitive sensibilities in a safe and sacred classroom setting, where discussion and practice form important components of the curriculum.

Sample curriculum

"From the stranger with road rage to the toxic family member, the world is full of people and situations that can drain your life force before you get the chance to use it for something amazing. This class offers practical awareness techniques and meditation tools to help you:

  • Set healthy energetic boundaries at work, home, and beyond
  • Activate your intuitive abilities
  • Strengthen your mind-body connection
  • Tap into your natural creativity, passion and purpose
  • Release negativity and emotional baggage
  • Find balance in relationships
  • Deepen your compassion for self and others
  • Discover meaning in the challenges life presents  
  • Set authentic, actionable intentions for abundance and fulfillment"


I'd love to chat about the particulars! Let me know what kind of group you'd like to host, and how you'd like to focus the class. Let's get creative!