Group Experiences


Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash


Quiet your mind and shift your energy with a variety of mindfulness and meditation group practices, including:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Qigong Moving Meditation

  • Singing Bowl Meditation

  • Energy Management Meditation

To host or request information about a group class, please contact me

Workshops + Retreats

I love leading workshops and trainings to help communities engage more authentically with each other by way of coming into contact with their own vitality.

Past event themes have included the following:

  • “Reiki with Erin Anderson” – Interview for Our Healing House

  • “Midsummer Magick: A Ceremony of Sound” – Summer Solstice ceremony

  • “Awakening to Abundance: A Multisensory Self-Love Community Healing” – Cohosted with House of Heartland at Sacred Space

  • “Simple Self-Love Rituals” – for Fit & Fly Girl Palm Springs 5-day retreat

  • “Mindful Hour” – Summer rooftop meditation series at George Wellbeing Center (focus on wellbeing via chakra system)

  • “Energy Medicine” – Well-Connected Twin Cities panel discussion

  • “3 Weeks / 3 Ways to Meditate” – mindfulness residency for Core Lifestyle Chiropractic

  • “Empowering the Empath” – workshop for Spot Spa

  • “Chakras 101” – for Ten Thousand Villages, in-store promotion

  • “Manifest Like an Alchemist” – for The Coven

  • “Altar of the Self’ – Collaboration with My Kin Designs (watercolor + meditation) of Arcata, CA

  • “How to Activate Your Spiritual Blueprint” – Healers Podcast s2Ep7, with BeautyBets

  • “The Power of Play” – Metamorphosis Center Speaker Series

To host or request information about a custom workshop or event, please contact me