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Membership benefits and features

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  • Spiritual Blueprint: In this 90-minute session, we make a plan for creating the kind of healing scenario you need to reach your goals. We begin with a 30-minute intuitive reading to help reveal areas where you're growing and changing, plus areas where you could use assistance. This session requires some pre-work on your end. You'll leave with a solid roadmap for growth, a healing program schedule, and some practical tools for transformation. 
  • Regular intuitive consultation / check-ins: Depending on your membership level and duration, we meet for 45 minutes on a regular schedule to regroup on how your program is unfolding; where you see growth and where you feel frustration. This session includes a 10- to 15-minute intuitive reading to highlight key areas of opportunity or difficulty, as well as a game plan for addressing those core issues through meditation, healing sessions, and more.
  • Group meditation classes: Participate in regular 60-minute group meditation classes around the Twin Cities. Your membership level and duration determines the number of classes included with membership. We'll follow the Max Meditation protocol, an accessible meditation style that blends tenets of Zen Buddhism with modern psychology and neurolinguistic programming.
  • Special pricing: Save on additional sessions, workshops, and classes (amount depends on membership level).
  • DNA Life ActivationLife Activation restores the integrity of your divine blueprint, removing spiritual blocks at the level of your DNA and allowing more light into your energetic structure. This life-changing activation also readies your aura and etheric body for the intensive Full Spirit Activation session. The effects for everyone are different, but I've observed immense shifts in my clients' relationship dynamics, health status, career, creativity and self-esteem. Each membership includes this session, but depending on your level and duration, you may receive up to 4 of these incredible protocols.
  • Full Spirit Activation Full Spirit Activation adds to the foundation of Light received during the Life Activation. Having already metabolized and integrated the higher vibration, your body and energetic structures are ready to safely kick things up a notch. Where Life Activation re-establishes your connection to your higher self, Full Spirit Activation awakens your brain's thalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, allowing the nervous system to become a pathway for spiritual information. This rewiring enables clearer communication between your soul and your physical body. In essence, these aspects of you start speaking the same language. If Life Activation is the primer on the wall, Full Spirit Activation is where you start painting your mural. In other words, serious manifestation awaits!
  • Purpose of Life Reading Did you know that in addition to your human family tree, you also have a spiritual family lineage? This lineage includes connections to Angels, Archangels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more. You store information about this lineage - as well as your purpose on this Earth - in your spiritual DNA. The Purpose of Life reading taps into this spiritual genetic information, giving you clues about those connections, and answers surrounding your vast potential as a spiritual being in a physical body. 
  • Shamanic Aura Clearing This ancient clearing ritual works with elemental Earth energy to help cleanse, clarify and purify your aura in a way that's both gentle and powerful. Meanwhile, the Sutra of the Heart activates the natural protective responses of your etheric field. In other words, you're healing yourself from the inside out, within the framework of an ancient purification ceremony. This potent energetic cleanse helps refresh your connection to passion, inspiration and creativity.
  • Emotional Cord Cutting Energetic cords connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present. Each of these entities can drain your energy without your knowledge, leaving you feeling depleted. An Emotional Cord Cutting stops this energy siphoning process, letting you keep more of your precious life force. This ritual (which includes Negative Spell Removal and Good Spell Casting protocols) extends the release to all relationships in your life, restoring healthy balance. From there, you can more effectively create, heal, and transform according to your divine blueprint. 
  • Gemstone Healing Series This gentle and subtle healing channels universal life force energy to you while gemstone minerals placed on energy centers of your body add their healing properties to the mix of healing forces. From there, the Ancient Crystal Rites (typically your second session) draw on hermetic mantras that add sound vibration to the healing trifecta. As with Reiki, the gemstone healing goes deep to address the causes of the energy disturbances. But it also focuses some of that universal life force energy on the symptoms, so you can experience relief while the deeper healings work their magick over time. NOTE: We may decide together that one of the other series (Reiki, Laser Light, Meridian Acupressure) may better suit your healing intentions. In such cases I'll simply swap out the sessions.
  • Reiki Series (GOLD 12-month only) Reiki is a subtle, gentle healing that goes to the deepest, darkest and most wounded places of your spirit, working on the causes (as opposed to symptoms) of emotional and physical distress. The more sessions you receive, the more the life force energy builds, driving out unwanted energetic artifacts at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I offer this series as part of the GOLD 12-month package because by the time you've been moving that much energy for that long, you deserve a little energetic spa treatment! And Reiki is that deeply calming and soothing (I've seen it work very well even with chronic neurological conditions

  • Akashic Records or Aura Reading (GOLD 12-month only) As we get toward the end of the 12-month engagement, this reading serves as a "what's on the horizon" level-setting exercise. Whether you continue your membership or move on to something else, this reading will help ready your energy for the journey ahead! 

  • Laser Light Healing Series or Meridian Balancing Series (GOLD 12-month only) We'll decide together which of these series best suits your healing and empowerment goals. Briefly, the Laser Healing series uses a potent acuphotonic technology that absorbs the energy of unconditional love and healing into the energy body. it can be used for addressing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, such as auric damage, healthy nervous system support, and balancing the body's cycles. The Meridian Balancing series brings deep healing to the physical body, while creating within all layers of your energy field. The session uses focused physical pressure at key points along the meridians to redirect energy, restoring healthy flow of chi between the body's systems to help with issues such as joint pain, digestive issues, skin issues, and high or low blood pressure. 

  • Soul Retrieval (GOLD 12-month only)
  • Spark of Life (GOLD 12-month only)