From intuitive readings to ancient Shamanic rituals, choose the healing sessions that speak to the type of transformation you want to create in your life. 

Empower + Ignite

Clarify + Reveal

Cleanse + Release

Balance + Restore

Heal + Protect

Learn + Grow

*Not a King Salomon Lineage session

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Partnerships + Collaborations

  • My Kin Designs: Marisa Kieselhorst of @mykindesigns is an inspired, soulful artist whose paintings and ceramic work have given me a deeper understanding of my own divine feminine energy.
  • Healers Podcast: The incomparable Elizabeth Dehn of @BeautyBets and @HealersPodcast invited me to talk about my path as a healer on an episode of her incredible podcast. We decided that wasn't enough, so we're hosting an event together as well. And more stuff coming in 2018!
  • Healing Elements: I'm honored to call this magickal place one of my home bases for giving intuitive aura readings and teaching psychic self-defense tools classes. 
  • Incorporate Yoga: I have the pleasure of working with this team of movers and healers to bring meditation to corporate settings and community education! 
  • Minneapolis Burlesque Festival: I'm a proud sponsor of (and performer in!) this incredible glitter-bombed celebration of sexuality and expression that's sort of like a firehose of joy, compassion, and positivity aimed right at your face. (Say aaaaahhhh.)
  • Marko Dewhurst + Life Collected: Stay tuned for a yoga, nutrition + meditation extravaganza!

Client Feedback + Feelings

“The three-part gemstone healing I received from Erin was wonderful. I felt powerful energetic shifts from the very first session. The clairvoyant images she received and shared with me were transformative, and continue to resonate now, long after the sessions. I loved how these sessions were collaborative—Erin asked what current life challenges and goals I wanted to work on, and tailored the sessions around these. Erin is a gifted healer.”

~Steph A., Richfield

"Erin both educated and empowered us to feel like our aura, the invisible bubble around us and protecting us, is a living thing. She taught us how to have a relationship with it, and even play with our powerful minds. I have felt much more able to grow and shrink the power of things and generally feel more confident in situations I may have dreaded in the past."

~Norah T., Golden Valley

"Erin’s ability to connect with and read my energy was astounding. I found the whole experience fascinating and enlightening…I didn’t want it to end! I walked away feeling lighter and more empowered, with greater clarity and more peace. Do yourself (and your soul) a favor: Get a reading with Erin!" 

~ Kristina F., Eden Prairie

"I appreciated Erin's flexibility and ability to work with our women's group. The guided meditations were a great way to get everyone in the right space to really soak up all the information. I know that I can be 'spacey,' and it is not always easy to exist on this planet. I have incorporated [some of her tools] into my daily meditation and I also will use them when I feel myself drifting away or becoming overwhelmed by things like daily news, family tensions and work stress. Thank you for the positive energy you bring to our planet! Rock on sister!" 

~ Genevieve S., Minneapolis