Welcome to your (r)evolution

Energy healing isn't just about curing symptoms (though it may do so). Nor is it about fixing a personal problem (though it frequently does). Like working out or practicing good nutrition, energy healing is a lifestyle choice that requires an investment of our precious time, energy, capital, and curiosity. It's a journey of fulfillment--a personal evolution that will continue as long as we pursue it with passion and integrity. When we take part in healing work, we accept the truth that we alone hold the keys to our health and happiness.

Why membership?  


Nobody nails their fitness goals with a single trip to the gym. Physical fitness is a process of goal-setting, smart work, and endurance. And when you reach your goals? You keep on keeping on, growing and learning. The journey never ends. Which is why workout facilities offer memberships to facilitate that journey. When you build that investment into your budget and your expectations, you stay committed to your goals. You change the very structure of your physical form. 

I view spiritual development in a similar way. It's not a one-and-done endeavor; it's a lifestyle choice to keep learning, clearing out clutter, setting intentions, healing old wounds, protecting against negativity, and creating abundance. That's why I created the Energy Alchemy Membership. When you commit to your spiritual fitness with a membership, you get to try a variety of different sessions and classes for a much lower (and consistent) monthly investment than what you'd pay for standalone bookings. I find with the issue of money (a common energetic block) already buttoned up, we can move more quickly and accomplish that much more together.

How the Energy Alchemy Membership works

  1. Choose your membership level and timeframe 
  2. Schedule your Spiritual Blueprint session 
  3. Receive ongoing 1:1 healings, readings, intuitive consultation, and group meditation sessions
  4. Track your progress and set new goals with regular check-ins
  5. Renew / upgrade your Energy Alchemy membership at any time

Membership benefits and features

For detailed descriptions of the linked sessions, click the session names. For descriptions of how all sessions fit together (and which are included) in each of the membership levels, visit the Membership Comparison Tool 

Membership levels 



This premium program takes you through the shamanic foundational activation series each quarter, plugging you back into your original energy source and amping up the connection between your physical and soul body. Meanwhile, you receive regular emotional clearing and intention-setting sessions to help you deprogram outmoded patterns, as well as powerful energy building sessions to give you tools for bringing your dreams to life. If you're ready to manifest like a boss while healing old wounds and clearing confusion, GOLD is your color. For list of included sessions and pricing, view membership comparison tool.



This powerful program gives you the freedom to explore new healing modalities while maintaining a firm foundation of activation, meditation and transformation. With regular check-ins and intuitive readings, you'll be able to track your progress and discover which healing sessions resonate most deeply with your unique energy signature. We'll spend plenty of time on intention-setting: Once you start shifting the energy you'll want a game plan in place for navigating all the growth! For list of included sessions and pricing, view membership comparison tool.



This foundational program helps you find your bearings and create balance as an energetic being. By restoring your body/soul connection, the activation and healing sessions help you release energy and dynamics that have held you hostage. A regular schedule of intention-setting, meditation and intuitive check-ins give you the structure and motivation to open enough energetic space to create a life full of purpose, meaning and joy. For list of included sessions and pricing, view membership comparison tool.

More on the Lineage of King Salomon


Because I work with a spiritual healing tradition that dates back at least 3,000 years, I'm not relying solely on my personal knowledge to serve my clients. I follow sacred protocols and rituals that have supported spiritual well-being for advanced civilizations across generations and around the globe.

Still, I bring my individuality to the table as an ambassador for this unbroken Hermetic lineage, whose teachings are (I believe) more relevant than ever. I use my intuition and discernment to guide and support my clients in finding their way back to wholeness.

I find it helps to view the healing journey as a threefold endeavor.

  1. Remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience (not the other way around). Individual healing sessions assist with the process of shedding limiting and destructive beliefs about your true nature. 
  2. Understand the real-world implications of this paradigm shift. Meditation classes and intuition development workshops help you reframe what's possible for you as you expand your awareness and deepen your connection to Spirit.
  3. Experience yourself as capable of giving and receiving an infinite measure of Light and Love. Trainings and initiations offered through the Modern Mystery School MN support this direct experience of Source Energy. I can help you figure out which trainings make most sense for your personal goals and priorities. 

OPENING OURSELVES TO healing means breaking up with the world as we know it.

We live in a world that actively invests in our spiritual amnesia. It tells us we're unworthy. Unlovable. Irredeemable. And when we experience disease, depression, trauma, or pain, we're told Pill X or Object Y can fix it for us. But a solution that requires no change to our hearts and minds is an illusion--one that takes us farther from balance and health. 

In the shamanic tradition, true healing requires looking within ourselves (and to the natural world) for guidance. It means embracing change and challenging long-held expectations. As we begin this process, what we view as our struggles and symptoms actually serve us, pointing the way back to our wholeness and power.

It's a long road home, and it's sure to take you outside your comfort zone. But it's the most valuable, meaningful journey you'll ever make. It's my honor to assist you along the way, sharing the wisdom and tools of the ancient hermetic Lineage of King Salomon

Your personal commitment to growth is the BIGGEST factor in your success.

The term "healer" can be somewhat misleading. It's more accurate to say I'm a facilitator in your healing process. The work we do together will open many doors, but you're the one who must step over the threshold. That might mean letting go of unhealthy habits or reassessing your priorities. It might mean taking a risk. It might mean taking charge when you usually hang back (or vice versa). The path is different for everyone.

One of my most important roles is that of a mirror: If I notice you blocking your own progression, I will speak up with compassion and nonjudgment, and challenge you to redirect (or stay the course). I will offer support along the way, in the form of an individual healing session, a class or workshop, or simply a conversation.  


If you do this work of building your intuition and advancing spiritually, you will see growth and change. Slowly, surely, you will notice your perspective shift. You will observe moments of self-love and forgiveness that begin to edge out decades of judgment and fear.

You will become a sculptor, removing layers of wounding, confusion, pain and judgment. The form that will start to emerge is the Real You, living in alignment with your true nature, and enjoying a life full of joy and meaning.