Usui Reiki

Photo by  zhang kaiyv  on  Unsplash

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash


Reiki continues to gain credibility in allopathic (Western) medicine circles ... and thank goodness energy healing is finally garnering at least modest recognition from the skeptics. If you've never experienced this subtle-yet-profound healing, do yourself a favor and make it happen!

Years after starting to practice this amazing Japanese healing modality, I still struggle to explain how it works. It's not really like a massage (you might not feel a thing). Or taking a pill (you could very well leave my table with the same stomach cramps you had when you arrived). On top of that, the benefits it delivers might not have anything to do with the reasons you sought it out in the first place! 

The obvious question here is: Why bother? You should bother because there's always something causing the thing you think you want to fix. Reiki addresses that thing-behind-the-thing; its energetic point of origin (if you will), vs. its physical presentation. And Reiki works whether or not you have an iota of awareness about that energetic origin. (In fact, you don't have to believe anything about it to have it work. It doesn't rely on your opinion of or faith in it because it's just energy, as we all are.) 

Let's imagine you're looking to heal chronic migraines. I use my hands to channel the universal Reiki energy to your head, at which point the energy may bypass that local pain and make a beeline for the childhood trauma that still knocks around in, say, the 7th layer of your aura, congealing into that headache. Instead of relieving the physical pain, the Reiki energy shifts the energy of that trauma, unraveling its power and removing its charge. As a result, you may find yourself feeling more joyful, open and free before you ever start experiencing less pressure on the noggin.

Basically, Reiki goes to the deepest, darkest and most secret places first. Which means it can feel like nothing is happening ... but it absolutely is working. And the more sessions you receive, the more the life force energy builds, driving out unwanted energetic artifacts at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

60 minutes, $95

Series of three sessions, $265 (save $20)