Awaken + Ignite

  • Life Activation
  • Full Spirit Activation
  • Empowered Activation Package

Life Activation
Step into your passion, purpose and power with the first of a 2-part protocol practiced by shamans and hermetic mystics for more than 4,000 years. The Life Activation session restores the integrity of your divine blueprint, removing spiritual blocks at the level of your DNA and allowing more light into your energetic structure. This life-changing activation also readies your aura and etheric body for the intensive Full Spirit Activation session. I get a little excited about this stuff: Life Activation is, hands-down, the most transformative healing I've received in any tradition or modality, ever. For me, it has provided a kind of superhighway to self-actualization. But the effects for everyone are different, and that's because we each have something different to bring into the world ... and something different we need to shed for that to happen. From the moment I started to see the profound effects of my very first Life Activation (I get them on the regular, kind of like a spiritual massage), I knew that this lineage and its teachings would become my lifelong path. And I haven't looked back. This two-part activation represents the highest possible service I can share with the world. I can't wait to share it with you! (60- to 75-minute session, $190)  >BOOK A LIFE ACTIVATION

Full Spirit Activation Session [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Prerequisite: Life Activation Session within the same 2-month window. Full Spirit Activation builds on the foundation of Light you received during your Life Activation. Having already metabolized and integrated the higher vibration your body and energetic structures are ready to safely kick things up a notch. So let's elevate your relationship to divinity and source, shall we? Whereas Life Activation re-establishes your connection to your higher self, Full Spirit Activation awakens your brain's thalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, allowing the nervous system to become a pathway for spiritual information. That's right; this session rewires your spiritual pathways. Among other things, this rewiring enables clearer communication between your soul and your physical body. In essence, these aspects of you start speaking the same language. Aren't you dying to know what they have to say to each other?! (60- to 75-minute session, $190) >BOOK A FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION (NOTE: To receive a Full Spirit Activation, you must first have completed your Life Activation session. To book both and receive 20% off the full price of each, book the Empowered Activation Package.)

Empowered Activation Package [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Invest in your Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation in one go, to start the energy flowing and save 20%. (Book two separate 60-to-75-minute sessions, $305. Your Full Spirit Activation should be scheduled at least one week - but not more than two months - after your Life Activation.) >BOOK AN EMPOWERED ACTIVATION PACKAGE

Enlightened Activation Package (Life Activation + Full Spirit Activation + Purpose of Life Reading) [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Now that your activations are bringing more light to with your energy body, you're ready to unlock information about your personal connection to your genetic family, angels, arch-angels, mythological beings, and Masters of Light with this transformative reading. This activation + reading package saves you 25% on your investment for the three services. >BOOK AN ENLIGHTENED ACTIVATION PACKAGE


    Balance + Restore

    • Gemstone Mineral Healing + Ancient Crystal Rites 
    • Aura Healing
    • Shamanic Aura Clearing 
    • Usui Ryoho Reiki 
    • 528Hz Singing Bowl Soundbath 
    • Chakra and Energy Balancing
    • Golden Spiral Laser Reflexology 
    • Laser Light Healing and Meridian Line Balancing 
    • Essential Oils Healing

    Gemstone Mineral Healing + Ancient Crystal Rites
    As a Reiki practitioner, I've been so happy with the results of this 3-session series for my clients. It's similar to Reiki, in the sense that it's a gentle and subtle healing that channels universal life force energy to you. But it works slightly differently: The gemstone minerals (which I place on energy centers of your body, depending on your needs) add their healing properties to the mix of healing forces. From there, the Ancient Crystal Rites draw on hermetic mantras that add sound vibration to the healing trifecta. I love that this modality lets me be more precise about the issues you wish to address, as opposed to flowing the energy without specific destination. As with Reiki, the gemstone healing goes deep to address the causes of the energy disturbances. But it also focuses some of that universal life force energy on the symptoms, so you can get some relief while the deeper healings are working their magick over time. You get the longview and the quick win all at once! This is one of the treatments I only offer as a series, purely based on the results my clients have experienced after 3 sessions vs. a single visit. It's absolutely worth our shared investment to dig in and let the alchemy work in its own time. (Series of three 60-minute sessions, $285) >BOOK A GEMSTONE HEALING

    Aura Clearing
    Sometimes you just need to release, plain and simple. An aura clearing gives heavy, negative energy and pesky emotional cords a one-way ticket back to Mother Earth, where she can transmute them into something useful (yay, recycling!). This session is like spring cleaning for your entire reality. But you can do it any time of year! Oh, and it's not like you need to wait for something negative to happen to justify the energetic cleanse: An aura clearing is perfect for perking up your connection to passion, inspiration and creativity. I love it for setting the tone before I teach a class or for chilling out after hosting a gathering. Clarity is the new black! Remember, it isn't just the negative stuff that causes unsightly plaque buildup in your aura - it's the good vibes, too. Essentially, it's anything that isn't 100% you, to which you form an attachment or resistance. But enough about plaque! Let's get this show on the road. Let's flush out the clutter of job stress, relationship tension, family programming, cultural expectations, gender assumptions, and ambient demands on your precious energy ... so you can create space for more of what makes you uniquely fabulous, healthy and amazing. Beginning in December 2017, you'll be able to specify a Shamanic Aura Clearing, which also incorporates Earth energies and the Sutra of the Heart to assist in activating the natural protective responses of your etheric field. (60 minutes, $95) >BOOK AN AURA CLEARING

    Usui Ryoho Reiki
    Reiki continues to gain credibility in allopathic (Western) medicine circles ... and thank goodness energy healing is finally garnering at least modest recognition from the skeptics. If you've never experienced this subtle-yet-profound healing, do yourself a favor and make it happen! Years after starting to practice this amazing Japanese healing modality, I still struggle to explain how it works. It's not really like a massage (you might not feel a thing). Or taking a pill (you could very well leave my table with the same stomach cramps you had when you arrived). On top of that, the benefits it delivers might not have anything to do with the reasons you sought it out in the first place! The obvious question here is: What the ... Why bother? You should bother because there's always something causing the thing you think you want to fix. Reiki addresses that thing-behind-the-thing; its energetic point of origin (if you will), vs. its physical presentation. And Reiki works whether or not you have an iota of awareness about that energetic origin. (In fact, you don't have to believe anything about it to have it work. It doesn't rely on your opinion of or faith in it because it's just energy, as we all are.) Let's imagine you're looking to heal chronic migraines. I use my hands to channel the universal Reiki energy to your head, at which point the energy may bypass that local pain and make a beeline for the childhood trauma that still knocks around in, say, the 7th layer of your aura, congealing into that headache. Instead of relieving the physical pain, the Reiki energy shifts the energy of that trauma, unraveling its power and removing its charge. As a result, you may find yourself feeling more joyful, open and free before you ever start experiencing less pressure on the noggin. Basically, Reiki goes to the deepest, darkest and most secret places first. Which means it can feel like nothing is happening. O, but it is! And the more sessions you receive, the more the life force energy builds, driving out unwanted energetic artifacts at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. That's why I package this puppy up as a 3-session series. Really good stuff. (Series of three 60-minute sessions, $215) >BOOK A REIKI SESSION

    528Hz Singing Bowl Soundbath
    We've all experienced the healing power of music. The songs we love feed our soul in a way nothing else seems to touch. But even without a melody to hum or lyrics to misremember or rhythm to twerk to, sound vibrations (including what we typically think of as music) push our subtle buttons. They activate energy centers in our body that we're not even aware of. Since the dawn of humanity, ancient cultures have explored this phenomenon through music, mantras, "toning" and chanting. I'm not an expert in acoustics, and there's plenty of conflicting information out there about the ability of harmonics to unlock the very secrets of the universe. What I do know is that the 528Hz tuning is geared toward touching our heartstrings in a literal physical way, exposing our 4th (heart) chakra to this precise vibration that our body experiences as a sense of safety, self-love and creative power. Mystical properties aside, the soundbath creates a fantastic atmosphere for meditation. I absolutely love playing the singing bowls, and whether I'm playing or listening I always feel a buzz in my bones--ribcage and skull especially. I can visualize that heart-mind connection growing as the tone wraps itself around the room, building energy and positivity. It's a moving session you can use to create calm, compassion and abundance in your life. Ommmmm .... (60 minutes, $15) >BOOK A SOUNDBATH SESSION

    Chakra and Energy Balancing
    Like the magnetic power lines of the Earth, our bodies are criss-crossed with meridians that conduct and store energy. Our bodies are also anchored by powerhouse energy centers known as "chakras," which correspond locally to the major nodes of the endocrine system. Just as our body's physical systems can get congested and break down, our energetic anatomy can falter and fluctuate. In this healing session, I work to restore the integrity of your energy anatomy by sorting things out within your bio-field (a.k.a., aura), loosening and smoothing areas of spiky, inflamed and irritated energy. I also rebalance your energy body's magnetic lines so you can get back to flowing qi like the ninja you are. (Even if you're not planning to do anything with that phenomenal cosmic power, you'll leave feeling centered, energized, and focused.) (60 minutes, $95) >BOOK AN ENERGY BALANCING

    Golden Spiral Laser Reflexology [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Relieve tension and awaken your subtle senses. This ancient healing taps into the Fibonacci golden ratios of the body, clearing energy logjams and restoring flow from one to the next. I use an infrared laser at each joint, while toning (chanting) specific healing mantras. The session works with physical pain as well as on a subtle body level to smooth and calm energy, while creating deeper connections between your physical and energetic being. As a result, you may notice better energetic alignment, psychic protection, self-love, relief from depression and anxiety, an enhanced sense of emotional and physical well-being, relaxation, calming of inflammation, and clarity. (60 minutes, $95) >BOOK GOLDEN SPIRAL LASER REFLEXOLOGY ON OR AFTER 11/23

    Meridian Line Balancing, Acupressure and Laser Light Healing [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Bring deep healing to the physical body, while creating balance and harmony among all layers of your energy field. Meridian Line Balancing and Acupressure uses both physical contact and energetic redirection of energy to key points along the meridians in the body, restoring flow between and within the body's systems. With this healing, you may experience relief from symptoms of joint and back pain, high or low blood pressure, tinnintus, sinusitis, lung issues, dermatological issues, digestive issues, and more. The session also offers an option for acuphotonic healing, which uses .a refined, intensive infrared laser light to flow energy through layers of sound, etheric and magnetic density. Combined with specific chants, the laser healing dissolves energy blocks and re-establishes the flow of Light within your auric and physical systems. (60 minutes, $95) >BOOK MERIDIAN LINE BALANCING ON OR AFTER 11/23

    Essential Oils Healing [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Detox mind and body with essential oils. This ancient healing remedy invites your chakras to open and receive a higher vibration, leading to enhanced mood and improved mind-body communication. This modality uses sacred gifts of our Earth to open up channels so more light can flow through your entire system: Rosemary anchors in Fire, igniting your passion and creativity. Peppermint anchors Air, sparking your intellect and higher spirit. Patchouli calls in Earth, supporting your projects and work endeavors. Lavendar evokes Water, balancing your emotions. While each oil serves many purposes, this healing focuses on the energy body, zapping toxins and relieving stress. (60 minutes, $125) >BOOK AN ESSENTIAL OILS HEALING ON OR AFTER 11/23

    Create + Manifest

    • Single Meditation Session
    • 5-Session Mindfulness Package
    • Guided Meditation with Crystal Matching + Gemstone Reading (one-on-one session includes a Crystal Care Kit intuitively selected to assist specific energetic intention) 
    • Energy Management + Intuition Development Workshops

    Single Meditation Session or 5-Session Mindfulness Package Quiet your mind and shift your energy with this one-of-a-kind guided meditation that blends ancient yogic techniques with modern psychology and neurolinguistic programming. As with a yoga class, you'll follow my lead through a framework that becomes reassuringly familiar over time. Yet each class is completely unique: I base the guided visualization journey on the group's energy, walking you through an extra-sensory experience that gives your spirit permission to create and play. New to meditation? I know you'll love the way the various components of this style flow, taking the pressure off trying to meditate "the right way." And seasoned pros? You'll find a bunch of juicy nuggets perfect for deepening your practice. Check it out! (60 minutes, $15 per session, or $55 for 5-session package) >BOOK A SINGLE SESSION / >BOOK A 5-SESSION PACK

    Guided Meditation with Crystal Matching + Gemstone Reading Fast-track your intentions for a particular issue or healing with this guided meditation that adds the powerful vibration of a crystal to your own awareness. We'll start by identifying the issue you'd like to address. I'll spend time meditating with various gemstones to choose one that's a good fit for this energetic work. Once you have your crystal in hand, I'll guide you (over the phone/Skype or in person) through a 45-minute meditation to help you connect with that specific vibration. Following the meditation I'll do a 15-minute reading on the various ways this crystal can help you channel and direct your life force. ($215 includes 15-minute consultation, crystal selection, 45-minute guided meditation, and 15-minute reading. It also includes your handpicked crystal, a spray bottle of blessed alchemical water, and gem polishing cloth.) 

    Energy Management + Intuition Development Workshops. The courses I teach help people start to understand and work with their energy. I customize the material for each audience and facility (corporate wellness, community education, fitness centers, salons, book clubs, private gatherings, etc.). I also work with the energy of the group to determine appropriate themes and approaches. Structurally speaking, the workshops can unfold in different ways. I've led them as a series of 3 intensive seminars and full-day summits. I've also spread them out into smaller chunks over a 12-week "semester." No matter which breakdown you choose, these courses let participants develop their intuitive sensibilities in a safe and sacred classroom setting, where discussion and practice form important components of the curriculum. Here's a snippet from the description of a 12-week class, to give you an idea of how it could look: 

    "From the stranger with road rage to the toxic family member, the world is full of people and situations that can drain your life force before you get the chance to use it for something amazing. This class offers practical awareness techniques and meditation tools to help you:

    • Set healthy energetic boundaries at work, home, and beyond
    • Activate your intuitive abilities
    • Strengthen your mind-body connection
    • Tap into your natural creativity, passion and purpose
    • Release negativity and emotional baggage
    • Find balance in relationships
    • Deepen your compassion for self and others
    • Discover meaning in the challenges life presents  
    • Set authentic, actionable intentions for abundance and fulfillment"

    Questions? I'd love to chat about the particulars! Let me know what kind of group you'd like to host, and how you'd like to focus the class. Let's get creative! >CONTACT ME


    Clarify + Illuminate

    • Twin Crystals + Akashic Records Reading
    • Intuitive Aura Reading
    • Spark of Life Distance Healing
    • Purpose of Life Reading
    • Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid

    Twin Crystals + Akashic Records Reading
    The Akashic Records have been a popular "destination" throughout history for healers, mystics, shamans, psychics and Kabbalists. To access this realm of consciousness on behalf of an individual is to peer into the vastness of their entire lifetime. Every moment of your existence (past, present, and future) is recorded here. If you can get out of your head about that part (easier said than done, I agree) you can experience the incredible healing that comes from acknowledging that you came into this life with an instruction manual containing all the answers, tools and abilities you'll ever need. The extent to which you consult that manual is totally up to you. Engaging with it is an art, not a science. You have to ask the right questions or you'll get unclear answers. In other words, this reading can be either illuminating or infuriating. I find it works best when you approach it like a game with rules of engagement. If you ask a yes/no question you'll get a similarly dead-end answer. If you approach it from the angle of your progression as a human being, things start to get interesting. For example, instead of "Should I take this trip to Timbuktu?" you can ask "How will I grow if I take this trip?" Then you can turn around and ask the reverse: "What will I gain if I stay home and focus on [xyz] instead of traveling?" Don't worry; I can help you frame the questions so you get to the heart of things. The crystals are there to assist as well: They grew up together in the same formation (that's what makes them twins!). You hold one, and I keep the other to reinforce the connection between your energy and mine as I access your records. (60 minutes, $110) >BOOK AN AKASHIC RECORDS READING 

    Intuitive Aura Reading
    Each of us comes into this life with more energy and information than our physical bodies can hold at any given time. Most of this "extra" energy hangs out in our aura, where it mingles with energy generated by our life experiences and the people we encounter. This cocktail of energy becomes our reality; the lens through which we view the entire world. An intuitive aura reading taps into the wisdom and insight present in that energetic cocktail. Working clairvoyantly, I scan the energy in your aura, identifying patterns in the colors, vibrations, symbols and pictures it contains. I pinpoint areas where your spirit is currently growing and changing — and where foreign energies might be interfering with that courageous process. But wait! There's more! An aura reading illuminates the beauty of who you are as a being by tuning into the truth of your spirit. I'm not predicting the future, here - I'm reflecting the answers that already sparkle in your aura. Your truth; not mine. Your power, your potential, your possibilities. I merely report  what I see, like a witness to your gifts and abilities. This reading offers an extraordinary validation of who you are, and who you're becoming. And it does so in a way that empowers you to grow, change, and act in accordance with your highest good. (60 minutes, $95) >BOOK AN INTUITIVE AURA READING

    Spark of Life Distance Healing [AVAILABLE 11/23/17] Plug into your original spark of creativity with this healing unique to Mystery School lineage. Developed in ancient Egypt, the modality was used when priests and priestesses would leave temple to work at a distance. The traveling healer would receive the Spark of Life to stay connected to the energy of the temple while on their journey. By tapping into the original creation "matrix" (blueprint) of your life, this session reformats your energetic essence, restoring it to what you originally intended for this lifetime. As a result of this healing session, you may experience any of the following: 

    • Greater peace of mind and deeper relaxation
    • Stronger connection with your divinity
    • Clarity and balance
    • Relief from physical issues
    • Emotional lightness and balance

    (60-75 minute session, $190) >BOOK A SPARK OF LIFE HEALING ON OR AFTER 11/23

    Sacred Geometry Crystal Temple
    Using a clear quartz crystal temple grid in tandem with sacred geometries and ancient rites, this remarkable service** anchors in energies of abundance and protection to any physical space. It's perfect for bringing positivity and harmony to your home, community gathering area, or place of business. Here's how it works:

    1. With the assistance of 2-3 certified practitioners I follow ancient Hermetic cleansing rituals to clear the space of negative energy .

    2. Through sacred geometry rituals handed down in our lineage, we weave the higher vibrations in which you'll soon be living and working. This process involves walking intricate patterns on the floor, speaking specific mantras, and inviting guides, angels, and beings of light to assist in the work. 

    3. We install the crystals to lock in these frequencies of abundance and light. 

    For as long as the crystals remain undisturbed (we typically install along the wall near the ceiling), you'll enjoy enhanced vitality, focus, and positivity. Additionally, your ability to manifest will increase immensely. The Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid is truly one of the most meaningful and impactful gifts you can give yourself and the people who share your space.

    **This service requires significant up-front planning and careful attention to detail.  Depending on the number of rooms in your space the cost can range from $250 to $1000+. Please CONTACT ME for more information. I'll work with you to create a custom plan based on your needs and your space! 

    Prices shown (once you click through to online booking) reflect the 3% credit card fee. Thank you!



    Partnerships + Collaborations

    • Healers Podcast: The incomparable Elizabeth Dehn of @BeautyBets and @HealersPodcast invited me to talk about my path as a healer on an episode of her incredible podcast. We decided that wasn't enough, so we're hosting an event together as well. And more stuff coming in 2018!
    • Healing Elements: I'm honored to call this magickal place one of my home bases for giving intuitive aura readings, teaching psychic self-defense tools classes, and occasionally stepping in to lead a meditation class for the amazing Genevieve. Starting in September, you'll also can also find some of my travel photos on their walls. 
    • Incorporate Yoga: I have the pleasure of working with this team of movers and healers to bring meditation to corporate settings and community education! 
    • Minneapolis Burlesque Festival: I'm a proud sponsor of (and performer in!) this incredible glitter-bombed celebration of sexuality and expression that's sort of like a firehose of joy, compassion, and positivity aimed right at your face. (Say aaaaahhhh.)
    • Marko Dewhurst + Life Collected: Stay tuned for a yoga, nutrition + meditation extravaganza in October! 
    • Fool Proof: This is my official HQ, the heart chakra of this whole operation. This is where I get to bathe in the creative energy of other artists and professionals working at their own craft. Come visit! 

    Client Feedback + Feelings

    The three-part gemstone healing I received from Erin was wonderful. I felt powerful energetic shifts from the very first session. The clairvoyant images she received and shared with me were transformative, and continue to resonate now, long after the sessions. I loved how these sessions were collaborative—Erin asked what current life challenges and goals I wanted to work on, and tailored the sessions around these. Erin is a gifted healer.

    ~Steph A., Richfield

    "Erin both educated and empowered us to feel like our aura, the invisible bubble around us and protecting us, is a living thing. She taught us how to have a relationship with it, and even play with our powerful minds. I have felt much more able to grow and shrink the power of things and generally feel more confident in situations I may have dreaded in the past."

    ~Norah T., Golden Valley

    "Erin’s ability to connect with and read my energy was astounding. I found the whole experience fascinating and enlightening…I didn’t want it to end! I walked away feeling lighter and more empowered, with greater clarity and more peace. Do yourself (and your soul) a favor: Get a reading with Erin!"

    ~ Kristina F., Eden Prairie

    "I appreciated Erin's flexibility and ability to work with our women's group. The guided meditations were a great way to get everyone in the right space to really soak up all the information. I know that I can be 'spacey,' and it is not always easy to exist on this planet. I have incorporated [some of her tools] into my daily meditation and I also will use them when I feel myself drifting away or becoming overwhelmed by things like daily news, family tensions and work stress. Thank you for the positive energy you bring to our planet! Rock on sister!"

    ~ Genevieve S., Minneapolis