Session for Two

Image by  Pexels  from  Pixabay

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


honor your love / friendship at a soul vibration level

Celebrate and explore the alchemy of two beings co-creating a spiritual legacy. Discover what each of you brings to the relationship — and what the relationship brings to each of you.

Every Session for Two is completely different*, and reflects the goals and preferences of each duo. A Session for Two often includes the following services:

  • Initial Intake (prior to session booking) to determine the goals, wishes and level of energetic investment of each individual. One person may represent the duo in this intake, typically managed via phone or email.

  • Intuitive Aura Reading exploring each person’s energy individually, as well as the relationship vibration co-created by two discrete souls

  • Emotional Cord Cutting (x2) to release old relationship patterns and experiences, allowing for greater emotional freedom and clearer communication

  • Chakra + Energy Balancing (x2) to “reset” the flow of the aura and chakras, allowing a more fluid state of equilibrium and openness

  • Crystal singing bowl sound healing (shared experience) to promote relaxation and resiliency

  • Guided visualization (shared experience) to create the energetic “container” capable of holding and supporting your shared dynamic at a higher frequency


  • A Session for Two may take place in-person, remotely, or with two individuals in different locations (via Zoom).

  • A Session for Two is not couple’s therapy, nor should it be considered a replacement for relationship counseling. This session is about exploring possibilities and optimizing potential; not correcting dysfunction or solving abuse.

  • Pricing depends on duration of session and services included.

  • Please set aside a minimum of 2 hours for this shared experience.

Cancellation policy: Sessions cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time will be assessed a $55 fee. This fee protects my investment in the extensive energetic preparation required to hold space for healing sessions.