Mini Gemstone Trio Altar Kit

Gemstone kit.JPG
Gemstone kit.JPG

Mini Gemstone Trio Altar Kit


Anchor in the energies of creation anywhere you go, with this trio of mini-minerals! These sacred geometry gemstones are sized perfectly for travel or for shelf altars. Your kit includes*: 

  • 3 gemstone minerals sculpted into Platonic solids roughly 5/8" - 1" in size, and including:
    • 1 Pyramid (specify black agate or orange aventurine)
    • 1 Sphere (specify green aventurine or amethyst) 
    • 1 Cube (all rose quartz)
  • 1-oz. UV protected spray bottle of blessed alchemical water for cleansing your stones
  • Polishing cloth
  • Handy pouch made of natural fibers 

*I'm sorry to say the kit does not include the awesome wooden blocks or the pair of golden scissors you see in the picture. 

**Price includes credit card fee, but does not include MN state tax (6.88%) or delivery costs. These will be calculated in your shopping cart.

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