Akashic Records Reading

Photo by  Patrick Tomasso  on  Unsplash


The Akashic Records have been a popular "destination" throughout history for healers, mystics, shamans, psychics and Kabbalists. To access this realm of consciousness on behalf of an individual is to peer into the vastness of their entire lifetime.

Every moment of your existence (past, present, and future) is recorded here. If you can get out of your head about that part (easier said than done, I agree) you can experience the incredible healing that comes from acknowledging that you came into this life with an instruction manual containing all the answers, tools and abilities you'll ever need. 

The depth and degree to which you consult that manual is totally up to you. Engaging with it is an art, not a science. You have to ask the right questions or you'll get unclear answers. 

In other words, this reading can be either illuminating or infuriating. I find it works best when you approach it like a game with rules of engagement: If you ask a yes/no question you'll get a similarly dead-end answer. But if you approach it from the angle of your progression as a human being, things start to get interesting.

For example, instead of "Should I take this trip?" you can ask "How will I grow if I take this trip?" Then you can turn around and ask the reverse: "What will I gain if I stay home and focus on [xyz] instead of traveling?"

Part of my job in accessing the records is to help you frame the questions so you get to the heart of things. The crystals are there to assist as well: They grew up together in the same formation (that's what makes them twins!). You hold one, and I keep the other to reinforce the connection between your energy and mine as I access your records. 

60 minutes, $150