Chakra + Energy Balancing

Photo by  Greg Rakozy  on  Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

restore harmony to your energy body

Like the magnetic power lines of the Earth, our bodies are criss-crossed with meridians that conduct and store energy. Our bodies are also anchored by powerhouse energy centers known as "chakras," which correspond locally to the major nodes of the endocrine system.

And just as our body's physical systems can get congested and break down, our energetic anatomy can falter and fluctuate. In this healing session, I work to restore the integrity of your energy anatomy by sorting things out within your bio-field (a.k.a., aura), loosening and smoothing areas of spiky, inflamed and irritated energy. I also rebalance your energy body's magnetic lines so you can get back to flowing qi like the ninja you are. Even if you're not planning to do anything with that phenomenal cosmic power, you'll leave feeling centered, energized, and focused. 

30 minutes, $85