Crystal Temple Space Protection

Photo by  Rehan Syed  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rehan Syed on Unsplash

infuse your space with the energy of abundance

Using a clear quartz crystal temple grid in tandem with sacred geometries and ancient rites, this remarkable service** anchors in energies of abundance and protection to any physical space. It's perfect for bringing positivity and harmony to your home, community gathering area, or place of business. Here's how it works:

  1. With the assistance of 2-3 certified practitioners I follow ancient Hermetic cleansing rituals to clear the space of negative energy .
  2. Through sacred geometry rituals handed down in our lineage, we weave the higher vibrations in which you'll soon be living and working. This process involves walking intricate patterns on the floor, speaking specific mantras, and inviting guides, angels, and beings of light to assist in the work. 
  3. We install the crystals to lock in these frequencies of abundance and light. 

For as long as the crystals remain undisturbed (we typically install along the wall near the ceiling), you'll enjoy enhanced vitality, focus, and positivity. Additionally, your ability to manifest will increase immensely. The Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid is truly one of the most meaningful and impactful gifts you can give yourself and the people who share your space.

**This service requires significant up-front planning and careful attention to detail.  Depending on the number of rooms in your space the cost can range from $250 to $1000+. Please CONTACT ME for more information. I'll work with you to create a custom plan based on your needs and your space!