DNA Life Activation Series

Photo by  Dennis Mayk  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dennis Mayk on Unsplash


When you’re ready to stop messing around with unhealthy patterns, energetic drag and anything that isn’t about your true purpose, this is the healing you want. The real deal; the ultimate energetic uplevel.

The effects of this activation are so profound that it takes place over the course of 3 separate meetings. Many people take 4-6 weeks to complete all three, but you can do it as quickly as once per week for 3 weeks in a row. (One week is the minimum amount of time needed for your etheric body to repair and recharge between sessions.)

We start with your Life Activation, a 75-minute session that includes a brief intuitive reading. This session is all about “turning the lights back on” in your DNA. Once your body adjusts to these new levels of light, we move to the Full Spirit Activation, a 55-minute appointment that reconnects your soul to your spirit body. Our final session is the Purpose of Life Intuitive Reading (55 mins), during which we explore aspects of your “true self” and your work on this planet.

Get ready to unlock information and access to your your genetic family, angels, arch-angels, mythological beings, and Masters of Light with this transformative series.

Three sessions, $505