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Altar of Self: Watercolor + Mindfulness Workshop

A Creative and Metaphysical Journey into Your Being

Join artist Marisa Kieselhorst and visiting healer Erin Anderson for a deeply explorative workshop.

[*NOTE: Choosing a package automatically enrolls you in the workshop. So you will choose ONLY the healing services during your registration process. Thank you!] 

Join Marisa and Erin in a sacred space to:

  1. Learn tools and techniques for meditation that support and enhance your creative energy ...
  2. Take part in a unique, intuitive guided watercolor session

You'll leave with: 

  • A deeper connection to the altar that is You
  • Meditation tools and techniques to enhance your unique creativity
  • An appreciation for the incredible, real-life benefits of daily ritual
  • An understanding of how and where crystals can fit into the bigger picture of self-healing
  • A simple hermetic ritual for sanctifying and sealing your creative workspace
  • Guided meditation for activating your intuition
  • A crystal gift intuitively selected to amplify and support your intentions for the workshop--and beyond
  • A braver, more approachable painting practice
  • Art representing your experience and present approach

When, where and how much

  • October 28, 2017
  • 1:00-5:00 pm
  • A beautiful coastal setting in Trinidad CA
  • $80 per person (workshop only) OR ...
    • Package offerings with healing sessions included, as shown above
@2017 Marisa Kieselhorts

@2017 Marisa Kieselhorts