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Midsummer Magick: A Solstice Ceremony of Sound

  • Healing Elements 2290 Como Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55108 United States (map)
Summer Solstice 1.png

$30 ticket includes your gemstone gift

For thousands of years, civilizations around the world have celebrated the peak of our connection to the Great Central Sun, absorbing the vast magnitude of the warmth, light and creative energy its proximity affords.

When we gather on the Summer Solstice (a.k.a., Litha, a.k.a., Midsummer’s Eve) we open ourselves to channel this sacred solar geometry through our energetic structures, letting it animate aspects of our lives that may have been waiting in the wings to take center stage. 

Don’t miss your chance to soak up this auspicious moment of Midsummer magick! We’ll begin our ritual with an essential oil anointing and intention-setting, followed by a gemstone activation ceremony. A crystal soundbowl meditation will amplify the potency of the group’s intentions, unlocking our individual and collective potential to share more healing light with the world.