Gemstone Healing



As a Reiki practitioner, I've been so happy with the results of this session for my clients. It's similar to Reiki, in the sense that it's a gentle and subtle healing that channels universal life force energy to you.

But it works slightly differently: The gemstone minerals (which I place on energy centers of your body, depending on your needs) add their healing properties to the mix of healing forces. From there, the Ancient Crystal Rites (typically your second session) draw on hermetic mantras that add sound vibration to the healing trifecta.

I love that this modality lets me be more precise about the issues you wish to address. As with Reiki, the gemstone healing goes deep to address the causes of the energy disturbances. But it also focuses some of that universal life force energy on the symptoms, so you can get some relief while the deeper healings are working their magick over time. 

60 minutes, $115

Package of 3 sessions, $305