Intuitive Aura Reading



Each of us comes into this life with more energy and information than our physical bodies can hold at any given time. Most of this "extra" energy hangs out in our aura, where it mingles with energy generated by our life experiences and the people we encounter.

This cocktail of energy becomes our reality; the lens through which we view the entire world. An intuitive aura reading taps into the wisdom and insight present in that energetic cocktail.

Working clairvoyantly, I scan the energy in your aura, identifying patterns in the colors, vibrations, symbols and pictures it contains. I pinpoint areas where your spirit is currently growing and changing — and where foreign energies might be interfering with that courageous process.

An aura reading illuminates the beauty of who you are as a being by tuning into the truth of your spirit. I'm not predicting the future, here - I'm reflecting the answers that already sparkle in your aura. Your truth; not mine. Your power, your potential, your possibilities. I merely report  what I see, like a witness to your gifts and abilities.

This reading offers an extraordinary validation of who you are, and who you're becoming. And it does so in a way that empowers you to grow, change, and act in accordance with your highest good. 

60 minutes, $150