Laser Light Healing



Although modern science has only bothered itself with lasers since the 1960s, ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used optics and light technology for applications ranging from the sacred to the artistic to the practical.

As a healing tool, a laser allows coherent light to penetrate the layers of the etheric body, breaking up stagnant energy and restoring movement. It's so powerful it must be mediated through another tool, such as a crystal (lattice structure) or glass (amorphous structure).

When light hits the materia/density of our physical form, it works with the polarity of our energy to create a magnetic flow. By adding healing mantras, this already potent acuphotonic technology absorbs and redirects the energy of unconditional love and healing into the energy body.

This beautiful modality can be used for addressing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, letting you:

  • Repair auric scars and damage
  • Calm physical inflammation
  • Support nervous system function
  • Stimulate healthy circulation
  • Balance the body's natural cycles
  • And lots more amazing stuff

45 minutes, $85

Address a specific issue and bring about deeper healing with a 3-session series. (Save $30)