Spark of Life Distance Healing

Photo by  Joshua Sortino  on  Unsplash


Plug into your original spark of creativity with this healing unique to Mystery School lineage.

Developed in ancient Egypt, this modality was used when priests and priestesses would leave temple to work at a distance. The traveling healer would receive the Spark of Life to stay connected to the energy of the temple while on their journey.

By tapping into the original creation "matrix" (blueprint) of your life, this session reformats your energetic essence, restoring it to what you originally intended for this lifetime. As a result of this healing session, you may experience any of the following: 

  • Greater peace of mind and deeper relaxation
  • Stronger connection with your divinity
  • Clarity and balance
  • Relief from physical issues
  • Emotional lightness and balance

60-75 minutes, $190