Picture, picture on the wall

Our aura reveals the truth of who we are via color, patterns and symbols. 

Our aura reveals the truth of who we are via color, patterns and symbols. 

You've probably heard of feng shui, the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing people with their physical environments. To oversimplify: Feng shui is part orientation, part architecture and part aesthetics.

Recently, a veteran feng shui practitioner shared a story about one of her clients. She advised this business owner to replace the reception room painting of a ship on stormy seas with the image of a soaring eagle. Apparently, business picked up rather quickly thereafter.

Why? Pictures (and colors) have the power to set the tone for an entire environment, whether it's a business, a home or a library. (Companies spend fortunes on sexy logos and branding based on that same logic.)

Maybe you don't run a business. But you do run a life, and that's a pretty big deal.

As a human being, you have your very own portable energetic environment. It's called the aura, and it's like an ecosystem of energy and information containing "mental image pictures" that represent your unique version of reality.

You've got pictures about what good health looks like. Pictures about how to manage money. Pictures about what kind of friend you are. Pictures about what you deserve (and don't deserve) to have. Pictures about success, failure, love, family, politics. You name it; there's a picture (or several) for it floating around in your aura and influencing the energy you walk around in..

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen of your life. Let's go ahead and say "too many."

Some of those pictures reflect your soul's one-of-a-kind truth. But a lot of them are hand-me-downs from your family, your culture, your school, your church, your favorite Disney movies.

There's nothing wrong with the pictures. They might work just fine for someone else. They may have worked for you when you were 5, or 10 ... or 65. But if they don't work for you now, they're like that ship on rough waters, sabotaging your health and prosperity. 

Ready to be the alpha in your aura? The star of your own show? The expert on all things you?

Here's where an aura reading can help immensely. In a way, readings are like feng shui for your aura. An aura reading involves using clairvoyance ("clear seeing") to:

  1. Identify the mental image pictures currently taking up valuable real estate in your aura. 
  2. Isolate the source(s) of the picture, the purpose that picture serves, and how it limits your potential. 
  3. Locate your authentic picture and describe how different life looks when you're functioning at your own natural vibration.

From there you can begin to: 

  • Clear out emotional and physical pain 
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Recognize life-changing opportunities when they arise
  • Understand what's keeping you from something you desire
  • Validate your natural intuition and instincts
  • Learn whose pain you're lugging around, and why
  • Unlock your own truth, authority and answers
  • Operate from a position of authentic power and clarity 



When your energy gets tangled up and stalled out in a "stormy seas" type of picture, you can experience anything from depression to disease to good old-fashioned boredom.

An aura reading is like a real-time diagnostic readout that zeroes in on these pictures, isolates where they're showing up, and reveals who put them there. Armed with this information, you get to clear the energetic clutter to make more room for your truth (and pictures of soaring eagles, if you're into eagles). Suddenly, you're the one in charge. And that's where life starts getting a lot more interesting.