Emotional Cord Cutting

 Photo by  Brandon Green  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brandon Green on Unsplash


Energetic cords connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present. Each of these entities can drain your energy without your knowledge, leaving you feeling depleted.

An Emotional Cord Cutting stops this energy siphoning, letting you keep more of your precious life force. This ritual extends the release to all relationships in your life, restoring healthy balance. From there, you can more effectively create, heal, and transform according to your divine blueprint. 

Please come to your session prepared with:

  1. A person in mind from whom you want to detach emotionally and energetically. It's important that this person is someone with whom you no longer have a relationship (e.g., former employer, former romantic partner). It's ok to still have contact with this person, but the relationship *as it was* must be complete. 
  2. An intention for something you'd like to manifest. This intention can be as abstract as joy or forgiveness, or as specific as a new job or relationship. You'll speak this intention out loud at a specific point during the ritual. 

The healing has four distinct phases:

  1. Removal of negative energy through a ritual prayer. 
  2. Cutting of emotional cords using a sacred tool.
  3. Ceremonial burning of incense to release your energy from the person and all other emotional cords by extension. 
  4. Intention setting through guided prayer and ritual to reset the energy of all relationships to a higher vibration.

30-40 minutes, $85

The Shamanic Aura Clearing makes a wonderful complement to this session. Combine the two in a package and save $35.