Shamanic Aura Clearing

Photo by  Joshua Sortino  on  Unsplash

release what no longer serves you

Sometimes we need to let go before we can move forward. But what if we're not even certain what's standing in our way? Or what if we don't know how to let go in the first place? 

A Shamanic Aura Clearing works with elemental Earth energy to help cleanse, clarify and purify your aura in a way that's both gentle and powerful. By incorporating the Sutra of the Heart, this unique healing activates the natural protective responses of your etheric field. In other words, you're healing yourself from the inside out, within the framework of an ancient purification ritual.  

This potent energetic cleanse helps refresh your connection to passion, inspiration and creativity.

30 minutes, $100

The Shamanic Aura Clearing is even more effective when paired with the Emotional Cord Cutting session (available as a package that saves you $40).