New Client Session

 Photo by  Justin Kauffman  on  Unsplash


In this session, we explore your healing goals to create a plan for long-term growth and well-being. The time is best used as a jumping off point for future sessions / healing work together. However, it can also serve as an isolated healing session.

If we meet in person, I'll access your Akashic Records via attuned "twin" crystals to see where your current needs align with your eternal purpose. We'll conclude with an Energy Balancing session.

If we meet remotely, over WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, etc, I'll begin with an aura reading to find areas of opportunity for your spiritual growth and healing. We'll wrap up with either a distance Reiki healing or a distance QiGong healing, depending on what comes up in the reading. 

75 mins, $125