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Holiday Healing Pop-Up Series

We could all us some extra healing around the holidays. Starting 12/2, stop by the gorgeous Gem Salon + Spa for your weekend cut, color or nail service, and treat yourself to a restorative energy healing!

Each week features a different service:

Make beauty inside and out your intention for December (and beyond), and notice how different the hectic holidays feel. Walk-ins welcome, but book in advance with Gem to secure your spot 612-222-3839.

About the Crystal Healing session

This subtle and gentle healing channels universal life force energy, aided by the refining and focusing power of crystals. Here's how it works:

  1. You decide on an issue for which you'd like to see growth or healing.
  2. Based on that issue, I choose particular crystals and place them on different energy centers of your body while you lie on the therapy table.
  3. Once the crystals have been placed, you rest. Read: Sanctioned naptime!
  4. Finally, I use a shamanic mantra that adds the final piece to this healing trifecta.

As with Reiki, the crystal healing goes deep to address the causes of the energy disturbances. But it also focuses some of that universal life force energy on the symptoms, so you can get some relief while the deeper healings do their thang in the days and weeks that follow. 

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